lredir doesnt work under dosemu

lredir doesnt work under dosemu

Post by Graham Daven » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi Guys,

   got dosemu compiled and working. Problem is that lredir not will redirect
drives to look at linux drives. using emufs.sys in the config.sys doesnt
work either.

  The redirection using either lredir or emufs.sys will actually "work" and
return no error conditions, but when I go to the D: or E: drives and do a
dir there are no files there !

  If I unmount /dosc and /dosd and then use partition access by editing the
/etc/dosemu.conf then I can use the files and directories found there.

  Any thoughts much appreciated.

Graham Daveney


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Hi all,

intending to use dbase on my linux box, I set up dosemu (using
the debian package provided on my Debian 2.1 distribution),
read the README.txt  and then built a .dexe for dbase using mkdexe.
But however, there are some problems I cannot solve. Please help.

1) I cannot redirect any directories using lredir. I get the error message:
    C:\> lredir d: linux\fs\${home}
    Error 5f00 redirecting drive D: to LINUX\FS\${HOME}

   Looking through the docs, I couldn't find anything about such lredir
   errors. If I start dos without any arguments ('plain' dosemu),
   I always get the same error message.

2) The autoexec.bat file is not executed when I run dos -L dbase.dexe
   (where dbase.dexe is the file I've built using mkdexe). But, when
   I get the C:\> prompt and type 'autoexec', it executes without problems,
   so the autoexec.bat file should be ok.

Thanks very much,

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