Connection between Win NT and Linux machine via PLIP

Connection between Win NT and Linux machine via PLIP

Post by Charles de MAGNEVA » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I'd like to connect a Linux computer to a PC under Windows NT With PLIP
because I can't find a decent network board for Amiga 1200 in france.
But I'd like to know how to configure the PC to be able to use PLIP with
NT ?


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Hi Folks

I've just received delivery of a new box specs: dual PII 450, Asus MB
with on board SCSI, 9GB
Seagate Cheeta HD and 128MB RAM. I want to be able to boot into any of
Win NT, Win 98 and
Linux (Redhet 5.2 probably). Can anyone give me some guidance on the
best order to install them, what partions to create and things to be
careful about.

Other components are SB Live!, Viper 550, Pioneer DVD drive, HP CD
writer 8100i and 3com 3c905
network card. I'll also be attaching to a Novell network (4.11).

Many thanks

Mike Varley
Network Manager
North Area College Stockport

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