tertiary IDE port? /dev/hd2x?

tertiary IDE port? /dev/hd2x?

Post by Mark Trancha » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

System: 486DX50 (VLB), Conner CFS850 (hda) ,CFS345A (hdb). Doesn't support
secondary IDE channel (hd1x?). SoundBlaster 16 Value IDE hosting Mitsumi
FX400 CDROM (IDE/ATAPI), set to tertiary IDE port (IRQ11, port 1e8-1f8).

How can I get linux (slackware 2.3, kernel 1.2.8) to recognize the CDROM?
The setup program only scans the primary and secondary channels, and there
are no devices in /dev for secondary or tertiary channels. I notice there
is a MAKEDEV.ide1 script in /usr/src/linux/drivers/block for making
secondary channel devices: how can I do this for the tertiary channel?

I've recompiled the kernel with support for the soundcard, ATAPI CDROMs and
ISO9660 fs support.

Thanks for any help.