Correction - Sun's Java Workshop on Linux with JDK 1.0.2

Correction - Sun's Java Workshop on Linux with JDK 1.0.2

Post by Don Anderso » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

This is a correction to my previous mail. The directory to rename in
(STEP-2) should have been '/usr/local/JDK'.


I was able to make Sun's Java Workshop build the 'Blink' and 'Checkers'
projects on Linux using the JDK 1.0.2. I followed Mike Gaertner's
mini-howto (see below) with some additional changes.

These changes assume that:
    The JDK 1.0.2 is installed in '/usr/local/java' and
    the JWS 1.0 is installed in '/usr/local/JWS'.

If your configuration is different then you will need to make some
changes, the source is included :)

Backup everything ;)

Rename the '/usr/local/JDK' directory that was created when
you instaled the JWS. The tar will create shadow bin and lib directories

Apply the mini-howto (see below). Don't copy the jws script, one is
included in the attached tar.

'cd /usr/local'

'gunzip $SAVED_PLACE/jwsfix.tar.gz' (attached)

'tar -xvf $SAVED_PLACE/jwsfix.tar'


Archive-name: linux/howto/mini/java-workshop
Last-modified: 25 Aug 96


*** The `Linux Java WorkShop mini-HOWTO' is posted automatically by the

*** direct any comments or questions about this HOWTO to the author,

- --- BEGIN Linux Java WorkShop mini-HOWTO part 1/1 ---

  JWS for LinuX

  Version 1.1-en 15.08.1996

  Using Java WorkShop (JWS) for Solaris/intel on Linux

  1.  Preface

  In the past few months many PC-magazines have articles about java and
  ship with a CD containing applets and demo-programs for java. On some
  CDs you can find a beta-version of the "Java Workshop", JWS is a
  Develop Kit, (writing in Java) for Java, whit a Editor, Debuger and

  In spite of the platform-independence of Java, there are no
  instructions on how to install this JWS under Linux. Only WinNT,
  Windows95, SunSolaris Sparc or SunSolars Intel are mentioned in the
  documentation coming with the CDs.

  As I didn't found any description on this on the net, I did it myself
  and wrote this mini-HOWTO.

  2.  Requisites

  Please read the Java-HOWTO for general information about Java under
  Linux and how to install the nesassary JDK. For the rest of the mini-
  HOWTO it is assumed that you have

  1. the JDK version 1.0 (or better) installed

  2. X11R6 (e.g. XFree86 3.1.2 or higher)

  3. a CD with JWS in your CD-drive.

  3.  Installation

  First you have to decide where to install the JWS. As JWS is not part
  of a distribution, it may be a good idea to install it in the

  Set environment-variable "JWS_HOME" to point to the directory of your
  choice and set it permanently in the startup-file of you shell.

  For example if you use "bash", the startup-files are "/etc/profile" or
  " /.bash_profile" and the necessary entries would be

  export JWS_HOME="/usr/local/JWS"
  export JAVA_HOME="/usr/local/lib/java"

  The second entry points to the directory where java is installed on
  your system. If it is not already set, add it to the startup-file,

  On most CDs relating to java you can find the JWS in a sub-directory
  named workshop. Look for the file inteltar.z which is the version of
  the JWS for SunSolars/i386.

  This file is a compressed archive which can be unpacked with

  tar  -xvzf inteltar.z  -C ${JWS_HOME}

  After you have issued this command, you will find the following sub-
  directories in ${JWS_HOME}:

  classes, examples, intel-S2, lib, solaris

  The commands shown below will delete superfluous files from the
  freshly unpacked JWS and create the necessary links to the already
  installed java-binaries. You can use them verbatim (e.g. via cut&paste
  on the command-line).

  ln  -s ${JWS_HOME}/classes  ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/classes
  rm  ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/i386/*
  rmdir ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/i386
  ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/i586 ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/i586
  ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/i486 ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/i486
  ln -s ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/i386 ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/i386

  The shell-script for starting JWS is ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/jws.
  Because I modified it heavily, it's appended at the end of this mini-

  Furthermore you have to change line 8 in ${JWS_HOME}/solaris/bin/javac
  so it reads:

  if [ -x ${_SS_JDK_BIN}/bin/`/bin/uname -m`/javac ]

  Hey, you are already done! End of the show.

  Only a last hint: if you create a new project with the JWS you must
  add ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/ to the environment-varibable

  4.  Acknowledgements

  translating this mini-HOWTO.

  5.  Appendix

  The modified shell-script ${JWS_HOME}/intel-S2/bin/jws is listed


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