Color depth 2

Color depth 2

Post by Gardner » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I posted a day or so ago about not being able to get any more than 8bpp color.
Someone posted a url where I might find some help. Can you post that again,
I've lost my original message. Also an added problem to this problem adding
-bpp 16 or -bpp 24 to startx doesn't do anything, it still sticks with 8bpp.
I'm running with an SiS 5597 video card built into the motherboard, and my GUI
is Kde.



1. NewbieQ: color and color depth


It seems that I can only use quite limited set of colors. Can you tell
me how I can use more colors?

For example, I got "cannot allocate colormap" if I say:

$ xterm -bg MediumSeaGreen  
Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "MediumSeaGreen"

but it is ok to use darkgreen.

I read a lot of specs on and still can't figure out how to
do it. Could you help please?

I think the problem is that I can only start my xterm with 8b color
depth instaed of 16b. Another interestion thing is that I test the color
with demo program comes with TK and I sure can use "MediumSeaGreen" in

hmmm, confused... please help

-- Tong
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