Loading linux.....

Loading linux.....

Post by Brian Simps » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

When the Linux load sequence halts at:

  LILO boot:
  Loading linux.....

what is happening?  Has LILO finished and the kernel code started,
or was LILO still running?

Does Linux/LILO have any issues with L2 cache?

The reason I'm asking these questions is that I've just "upgraded"
my P90 system with an IDT Winchip that runs internally at 233MHz.
When booting Linux, it typically hangs and shows the above message.
I tried disabling my 256K L2 cache, and then Linux boots just
fine, but is extremely sslllooowwwwww.

Perhaps if I can just get Linux past the boot stage it will run
just fine on the Winchip with the L2 cache on.  Are there any
LILO options to try?  What if I don't have a compressed kernel so
that LILO doesn't have to uncompress it?  (I don't know how to do
this.)  Just searching for ideas...

Brian Simpson

(Win95 and OS/2 run just fine on the Winchip with the L2 cache on.)


Loading linux.....

Post by BigEar » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>When the Linux load sequence halts at:

>  LILO boot:
>  Loading linux.....

>what is happening?  Has LILO finished and the kernel code started,
>or was LILO still running?

lilo has finished, lilo runs in real mode and just finds a kernel and runs
it, which the kernel automatically decompresses itself and loads.
lilo is 8086 compatable so most chips like these run dos so lilo shouldn't
be a problem. looks like your kernel hangs while decompressing, there aren't
as many ................. dots as i would expect to see before the kernel
launches itself.

a simple test would be to cat  the kernel to a floppy and see if anything
different happens, that would load linux without lilo for sure.


>Does Linux/LILO have any issues with L2 cache?

looks like it, and i don't mean that it in a smartass way ;-)


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