Networking with 3COM HomeConnect Ethernet Card and Robotics 56K PCI modem

Networking with 3COM HomeConnect Ethernet Card and Robotics 56K PCI modem

Post by Paul Y. Pen » Sat, 05 May 2001 06:30:31

Dear Linux Experts,

I wonder whether any of you have successfully set up Red Hat Linux
to work with 3COM HomeConnect Ethernet PCI Adapter (Model #3C450)
and Robotics 56K PCI modem.

The linux was installed on a new intel 866 PC with Win98se. The
Ethernet Adapter works well with Win98. However our system manager
could not set it up to work with Linux. He just could not find a
driver which supports a model number below 500 for 3COM Ethernet
card. He doesn't know how to set up Robotics 56K PCI modem to work
with Linux either. We will appreciate any hints or help from you.



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7.2). Part of the reason for this is that I have an in built 3com Mini
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Has anybody managed to get the modem function on this type of card to
work? If needed I will buy a PCMCIA modem, but I would prefer not to.

Thanks for any help,


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