RH5.2 Install hangs probing video card

RH5.2 Install hangs probing video card

Post by BGFa » Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am installing RH 5.2 and the install routine has been* up at
the point where I am prompted withe the following:

Probing to begin
Xconfigurator will now run the Xserver you selected to probe various
information about your videocard. It is normal for the screen to blink
several times.

The screen blinks, then fades to grey and all is silent. Ugh.

My video card is the STB Velocity PCI with 4 MB.

Any ideas out there?



RH5.2 Install hangs probing video card

Post by pestilenc » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> The screen blinks, then fades to grey and all is silent. Ugh.

> My video card is the STB Velocity PCI with 4 MB.

That's happening propably because you card isn't supported by Xfree
(better check the supported display adapters at www.redhat.com under
support section).
I used to have a Diamond Stealth S220 and had the same problems because my
card wasn't supported by a Server.
Try giving it a VGA16 server (yes i know it suckz) and deby the probing
when asked to.
Or try to look at www.suse.com they had released some X servers for known
but unsupported cards such as my stealth (the drivers work fine with all
Linux distributions).


1. RH5.2 Install - Video probe hangs system

    I'm trying to install RH5.2 (1st time Linux user) and the
installation program hangs as soon as it tries to probe my video
subsystem. It flashes the screen twice and then the monitor goes blank;
no response from the box at all, I have to power down to recover.

I have a STB Velocity 3D Virge/VX Rev C, 4Mb VRAM, 4Mb SDRAM, on IRQ11,
I/O 0380-03BB and 03C0-03DF. The monitor is a Gateway 2000 CrystalScan
700 with a scan range of 30-64Khz horizontal and 50-120Khz vertical.

The STB video card was an optional extra from Gateway, the original
video system, an ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI (Mach64 Rage/GT),  appears
to be integrated into the motherboard but it is disabled when I do a
system listing under Win95. Maybe the RH5.2 installation doesn't see
that the ATI is disabled and crashes out. If anyone has had experience
with this before I'd appreciate any advice.


Jack Wells
Alice Springs, NT, Australia.

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