help w/ SLIP

help w/ SLIP

Post by Yanqun Wan » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I am trying to make slip connection thru my university dial-up service.
Everything went well until dip tried to excute "mode slip" at the end of
my script file, and then it asked me "Please set to REMOTE first" and then
exited, and connection was lost. Any idea what was going on?

Thanks a lot!

Yanqun Wang


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1. SLIP is not [C]SLIP -- help?

Hello there,

I am trying to get [C]SLIP working on our Linux machine here in the office.

The machine is on the office ethernet (140.145.235.X) which is connected to the
internet as a whole. We have a seperate subnet for our [C]SLIP and PPP connections
(140.145.237.X). The PPP side of things works great, however some of our staff do
not have a PPP option, but instead need to use SLIP or CSLIP.

Using, say Winsock on a PC, I can connect and run dip, but what it talks is
not [C]SLIP.

My entry in /etc/diphosts looks like this:


And I am using dip-3.3.7m.

Everything (routing info., interface etc.) gets setup correctly, but when I try and
start [C]SLIP up on these other machines nothing happens.

We have also tried using SLIP and CSLIP from Mac's and other UNIX machines with
no success. All the PPP clients work fine. The SLIP and CSLIP clients on these
machine work fine if I talk to a HP9000 in the office using SLIP, which leads
me to believe the problem is with the Linux side of things.

Can anyone help??


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