14.4K modem connects at 19.2K (& fails) ???

14.4K modem connects at 19.2K (& fails) ???

Post by kevin has » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00

I recently got a modem working on my linux system (in Ringback mode),
but I am experiencing a problem that I think is a modem problem, and
NOT a problem with Linux.

I have a USR Sportster 28.8K modem on my linux system, and have a
14.4K SupraFax Modem at home.  I can connect to the linux box, but
usually after 2 - 5 tries.  What is confusing, is my 14.4K modem
displays the "CONNECT 19200" message when it "connects", but that shouldn't
be happening with a 14.4K modem!!!???  When it does connect in that way,
it will not work - I must hang up, and try again.  When I finally do get
a TRUE connection - it is at 12K, and all works correctly.

I have tried to set the "S" registers to exclude all rates except 12K,
but it still "connects" at 19200, and then fails.  

Has anyone else seen such a problem?  Has anyone figured out how to
correct it?

Your answers & help would be appreciated!  Answer here, or by direct


Kevin Hass


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