Turtle Beach Montego II sound card and V90 internal modem setup

Turtle Beach Montego II sound card and V90 internal modem setup

Post by Hunsoo Cho » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I am using REDHat linux 5.2 ....
It can't recognize Montego II sound card...
Is there anyone how to do that?

And about the modem
The current situation is this....
    I activage the modem throuth netcfg, then it dial ( I can hear the sound
that come out when connected to server in WIN98)
    After that, on the xterm the message "the kernel lacks PPP
support........" comes out..
    And I can't activate the modem again until reboot.

What I must do.....right now
Actually I am linux beginner.......
Please tell me in details....

I am sorry to bother you....
Thank you!


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I have a DELL PC with a Turtle Beach Montego II A3D sound card (PCI
It has got standard Input/output jack plugs, but the bass booster has
got a USB cable.
Under Win 98, I used to plug the USB cable into the USB port of the PC
and it was
autodetected (in addition to the jack output of the card which was
plugged to the input
of the bass booster).

How shall I configure it under Linux ? Does Linux know this type of USB
device ?

Is it necessary to configure it or is it a sort of non necessary "plus"
? (what I want first is
getting a sound out of my PC using linux which is currently 100% mute,
I'll see later for
the fine tuning).

Where can I find drivers / information ?

Thanks in advance if you can help. Please CC: me with your answer to the


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