Slackware upgrade and putting on new HDD simultaneously

Slackware upgrade and putting on new HDD simultaneously

Post by Andrei A. Dergatch » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

I would be very grateful for advises of the following:

I have Slackare (2.0.30 kernel) on 600Mb of a 2Gb disk.
I had a double-booting DOS/W95 system so I choose
a floppy booting for Slack. I've got a 6.4 Gb disk recently
planning to put new Slack on it. Now I have a couple of

1) Will I be able to see my 600Mb on first HDD if I'll
install latest Slack on my new HDD? Is there any preferences
to upgrade an old version first and only than make it bootable
from the second HDD ?

2) I heard that final release of 2.2.0 version of kernel is out.
Is it worth for a newbie in kernel compilation to wait a bit
till it'll be included in Slack and how long it might take than ?

Any help any criticism will be appreciated,



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I would like to replace my old SCSI HDD with new bigger (3.2G) EIDE HDD.
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Is there any clever method for doing this job?

Could you anyone help me out?

Many thanks.

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