Red Hat floppyless install can't find Aztech CD

Red Hat floppyless install can't find Aztech CD

Post by Greg You » Tue, 23 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello comp.os.linux.setup

I having trouble doing a floppy-less install off the Red Hat 3.0.3 CD.

The system: new Intel Pentium 100, Connor HD, Aztech CD.

The boot-off-the-CD install process can't seem to detect the Aztech CD drive.

If I select "Aztech etc" at the CD ROM screen and give no boot parameters,
later on the message appears "Aztech CD not found..." followed fairly soon
after by a kernel panic.

If I do the same thing, but supplying the boot parameter aztcd=0x170
(where 170 is the port as listed when the machine comes up in DOS) the
same thing happens.

I have also tried selecting "IDE/ATAPI" as the drive type, with various
combinations of "hdx=CD-ROM" where x ranges from a to d.

Still no joy.

Grateful for your help and guidance,


Greg Young
Australian National University


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