Newbie setup problem #2 screen res.

Newbie setup problem #2 screen res.

Post by roy » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

X-windows defaults to 640x480.  My system will support 800x600, how do I
get it to run 800x600?  Any help will be greatly

Newbie setup problem #2 screen res.

Post by Darren Gre » Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:00:00 a ctrl+alt+(plus or minus) and see if it switches
resolution.  If not:

Run xf86config


>X-windows defaults to 640x480.  My system will support 800x600, how do I
>get it to run 800x600?  Any help will be greatly


1. Desktop/screen res setup, help!

I'm running Redhat/Mandrake 5.2 w/ KDE, though I've been experimenting with
Windowmaker lately.  I'm frustrated with configuring my screen size and
desktop size.  Linux/X' extra large desktop can be a pain, because I have to
keep moving the screen back over the program windows as I work.  This is
especially annoying because a mouse never works smoothly for more than a few
days.  So, I want my program windows to fit well within the screen.
Particularly, I'd like to be able to run Netscape at the equivalent of full
screen 800x600 in Windows 95/98, and still have a little room around the

I've tried changing to lower screen resolutions to get a smaller desktop,
but then program windows are too big to fit, and the KDE bar at the bottom
doesn't fit.  Netscape looks really grainy, etc., probably because I'm just
looking at a magnified view of a small window.  Can I just run at 800x600,
or a little bigger, with the whole desktop visible, just as with Windows?  I
don't understand, is the 'desktop" at 800x600, or is the 'screen' at
800x600?  What is the relationship between the two, and can it be changed?

I'm not married to KDE.  KFM, etc., are nice, but I'm sure other things
would be just as good.  Besides, I had trouble running GIMP with KDE.  I got
an error messge about color mapping or something, probably because I don't
have enough video horsepower.  Everything runs fine, and noticeably faster,
with Windowmaker.  I have an on-board ATI Mach 64 with 2 MB VRAM, and no
plans to upgrade.  My monitor is a garden variety 17", a few years old.

Any ideas?  What desktop/screen settings should I use?  How should I change
these, ie, what tool should I use, or should I just edit files manually?
Which ones?  How?

Matt O.

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