Initial installation of Linux

Initial installation of Linux

Post by Ken Lin » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

While I am able to boot several of my systems, I am having trouble
getting the newest to work.  Am using Adaptec 2940 (PCI) SCSI controller
and 3Com 3C590-combo card.

When I used the SCSI1 disk, I get SCSI: 0 and an address conflict on the
Ethernet.  I end up without any SDA devices.

I can't get anywhere until I can get the intial system to boot.  Any


1. Initial Linux System Installation


I am trying to create a small Linux system from scratch, starting
with the C library, and then adding in the compiler. I can then start
compiling the other few programs I need. The reason for this is to create
a system that is as small and as tidy as possible. Although I am using a
very hacked version of RedHat 5.1, I don't like the way most distributions
fill my hard drive with stuff I don't want.

My problem is getting the initial C library and C compiler to work. What
order should I compile GCC (or egcs?) and GLIBC? I can compile initial
things on my current system and then copy them across to the new (blank)
partition to start creating the system. Is there any documentation
available on this sort of thing? Most docs assume you use a distribution.
I've got quite a lot working using bits and pieces of compiled substance
from my RedHat system, but I really want to compile *everything* for the
new system.

This must be done to create all new Linux distributions, but I can't work
it out.

Tried using --prefix=/mnt/newdist for glibc, but it doesn't seem to like
it. Do I need to get into cross compilers (whatever they are)?

Thanks for your help. I'm not a newbie to Linux, but thought that as I've
been wasting so much time trying to work this one out, someone else ought
to know!




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