Wierd Networking Problem

Wierd Networking Problem

Post by loqui.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi... I have a question...

This is EXTREMELY strange, according to me, but perhaps somebody can
shed some light to me on what is going on here...

It seems that some people can telnet and ping and essentially interact
and "see" my linux server on the internet. In fact, everybody I know
can do so. I recently put up my firewall using ipchains, and made sure
that rules are in place to allow people to connect in. The problem is
that I cannot connect in from one particular remote site. No matter
what I do, I cannot seem to ping or do anything... as if the linux
server is invisible, while at the same time, other people can. Wierder
than all this is that the first time I tried to connect from this
remote site with all the problems, it did work, but not anymore. I do
know a fair bit of TCP/IP administration, but this has me absolutely
stumped. How can some people see a machine on the net, while one site
can't see it at all? Some setting? I cannot see how I might have
misconfigured my firewall... if that was the case, nobody would be able
to connect... but most of the world (except one site) can connect just
fine. These people are connected from all over the world in different
places, and I have no rules as far as the outside of my intranet is
concerned that specify certains nets and hosts that have access

To end off, I tried to telnet to another remote site, and then telnet
from there to the problematic linux server. Still didn't work. BUT...
if I telnet to that same other remote site from a different place, all
works as expected.

Maybe somebody knows what might be going on here.


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