help needed: XF86 with Cirrus GD7548

help needed: XF86 with Cirrus GD7548

Post by Daan Verkoeije » Tue, 27 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm currently trying to install XFree86 3.2a on my laptop computer, but
even though the chipset is known, the system crashes when starting X.

chipset: Cirrus CL GD7548 with 1024 kB of video memory

XF86Setup works fine, but whatever monitor I choose, the screen goes
blank and I have to reboot

Is there anyone who has had the same problems (or just knows waht to do
about it?)

Daan Verkoeijen


1. Help: X on Cirrus Logic GD7548?

Hi!  I am looking for a laptop as workstation replacement: that is, I
want to run Linux and X on it.  My current pick is Samsung Sens 810
with P133, whose video card is Cirrus Logic GD7548
( I
understand that Micron Transport uses the same video card.
Unfortunately this video card is not supported by XFree86, not even by
the current beta version.

(1) Has anyone succeeded in running X with GD7548?

(2) Is anyone writing a driver for this video card?

(3) If answers are no for (1) and (2), what can I do?

Thanks very much for your input.
                                Naoya Hata


                                address: Department of Physics
                                         The Ohio State University
                                         Columbus, OH 43210

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