PCI Ethernet + 53c810

PCI Ethernet + 53c810

Post by Robbin J. Carls » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to get a 53c810 PCI card to work at the same time as
a NE1000 compatible PCI ethernet card.  I'm running 1.3.15 of linux,
the BSD SCSI driver.  I've got an older motherboard that is not
configured with SDMS.  When I boot both cards show up on the same
interrupt.  The SCSI wins and the NE driver says it can't share
the irq.  In the BIOS Setup screen I can only tell the BIOS which
irq's are in use.  

The motherboard is from intel so I called them.  The fellow advised me to
run the setup first with the SCSI card and only irq 9 available.
Powerdown.  Then the ethernet card with only irq 10 available.  Powerdown.
Then put them both back and I should have separate irq's for each.  Well,
that didn't work.

I upgraded to the newer version of the BIOS and the scsi card was mapped
to irq 255 (fallthough error catch?) and it didn't work.  I tried it with
and without the ethernet card.

I tried the ne driver as a module and loaded it with irq=10.  That worked
and showed up in /proc/interrupts as 10 but as 9 in /proc/pci.  When I
used ifconfig to start the ethernet, boom!  The machine crashed dead.

Anybody see this before?

Kind regards,
Robbin Carlson


1. Linux Installation on PCI w/ NCR 53c810 PCI-SC200

Hi ,
I have a big problem. A few days ago, I bought a PC:
     MB:                  P/I-P55TP4 PCI 100 MHz NCR 53c810 BIOS support
     Controller:        PCI-SC200 with NCR 53c810 chip
     Hard disk:        Quantum VP32210, 2 GB capacity
     RAM:                32 Mbytes
     CD ROM:          IDE/ATAPI

and tryed to install DOS/Windows ona 1043 Mbytes plus NT on 500 Mbytes and
Linux on the last 500 Mbytes.

1. When I tryed to install NT, the setup found NCR 53c810 controller but no
hard disks (0 hard disks). I gave up !!!!!

2. I tryed to boot linux boot disk using "scsi" but no success. It hasn't
found my NCR 53c81 controller.
Now I am trying to load "idecd" to see .....,  but nothing too.

Any suggestions will be appreciated to my e-mail address:

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