compile help needed to access the Debian CDrom

compile help needed to access the Debian CDrom

Post by Service scientifiqu » Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I need someone to compile a external CD driver for me

 Actually, I want to install the debian on my laptop, and I could use
the external CDrom drive from my office for that, but I dont have any
linux machine handy on which I could compile the driver. I would also
like some help in making a disk image that is basically a adaptation of
the modules disk you find at
Otherwise, as far as I only have access to a Solaris and a (very)
remote  (slackware) linux1.2.1, I don't know how I could load this
module and begin the debian installation.

Merci d'avance,


Frederic Oghdayan, the frog in the lowlands.


1. debian, windows, cdrom - help needed


I've run into a pretty strange problem. After installing debian on two
machines windows can't find cd-rom any more.

On my own computer (486/66 VLB) I had RedHat 2.1 and I wiped it off in
favour of debian 1.2. I did not change anything in the windows side
but now windows (3.11) can't find device (mscd???) any more. The bootup
says is has support for the drive (Panasonic 4x) but can't install the

Then I installed debian for a friend who has a P75/Win95. The same
thing happened: he can't access the cd-rom. He took the computer to
the service and they said it doesn't have the driver at all (and they
haven't installed it yet).

My question is: how could the installation of debian cause this. I've
installed Slackware and RedHat without problems. Does anyone have debian
and some windows with cd working in windows (we have cd working in linux
fine). BTW, the P75 is booted to linux using loadlin, not lilo. Both cd-
drives are type IDE/ATAPI or whatever it's called.

Thanks in advance,

Jaska (pretty confused)

P.S. I didn't post this to linux.debian.user as the reader/server seems
to lose articles pretty often from this group ...

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