Non-networked system & mail/talk

Non-networked system & mail/talk

Post by Jon Mitche » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>My hostname (darkstar) does not seem to exist!: Connection refused
>Obviously it's because I don't have Internet connections and it's trying
>to find my nameserver.  I have looked around in several files and have
>not been able to come up with anything.  If you can help, please e-mail

You need to add an entry for yourself in /etc/hosts, make the IP address (loopback).  I sent this message to him also.

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1. Non-networked & networked Solaris x86 setup?


I have recently setup my PC to run Solaris x86 2.4 as a standalone networked
box - which it is most of the time (i.e. when I am at work).  I also want to
be able to use the machine as a standalone non-networked box as well (i.e.
when I am at home or out in the field).

Is there an easy way to configure the system such that none of the network
stuff is invoked when it is being used off the network.  I would hope that you
could set this up as a boot option (maybe the spare init 4 state??).

Please excuse my ignorance if this is a simple problem to fix or if this
ground has already been covered, but this is my first time as a unix system
administrator (this is probably pritty obvious).  Any help or pointers are
much appreciated.



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