Bios32 problem. Kernal panics with root disk *Help!*

Bios32 problem. Kernal panics with root disk *Help!*

Post by volod.. » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I just upgraded my system to 486dx4 100 got new hd and a new ide i/o
32 bit card with its own bios. Booting with aidecd without a problem.
It identifies my system correctly and then apologizes for not having
 bios32 support. I apriciate the apologies but I made an error of
removing my old linux setup with fdisk and now I can't reload.
Does anyone know where I can accuire a boot disk with bios32 support
or otherwise bypass thje problem.



1. Kernal panic mounting root. PLEASE HELP !!!!

As already described some days ago, I (and some other people I found out)
have the following problem:

After recompiling the kernal (with no errors), the machine does boot up,
but as soon as it tries to mount / (root) it fails and reboots with a
kernal panic. The / (root) partion is located on the first partition of the
second partition (The scsi harddisk has two partitions, one (small) dos,
one FreeBSD which is divided into / (root), /swap &  /usr.

I have had the idea this was caused by the "config          kernel  root on
sd0" option not being correct, but I am not so sure anymore...

The strange thing however is that the standard precompiled GENERIC kernal
works fine. I am not a star on FreeBSD so I'm not so sure how I can
proceed. The precompiled kernal works fine, but I need to use the 192K of
memory it does not recognise, so I have to compile it myself.

Another problem is that the machine is already in production, and is
located at a remote location, so I am not able to experiment a lot ...

Hopefully somebody can help me !



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