/usr full need to install rpms to /apps instead how??

/usr full need to install rpms to /apps instead how??

Post by Red Hat Linux Use » Tue, 14 Apr 1998 04:00:00

my /usr dir is full and I need to install future rpms to /apps instead
how do I do that??


1. installing rpms in /usr/local instead of /usr

I am running RH 5.0.  I am often lazy and want to install a working
binary instead of compiling from scratch.  Fortunately, RedHat makes
that easy with rpm--I just get the rpm and install.

Now I went and followed instructions and have separate /usr and
/usr/local partitions.  This has actually saved me lots of time when
system upgrades broke and I ended up reinstalling RH--only the /usr
stuff was deleted and everything in /usr/local was preserved.

My problem is that most of the contributed rpms install into /usr and
not /usr/local.  Thus, if I ever have to recreate my /usr partition
(as happens for me whenever I do a major upgrade of RH) I will lose
all the contributed programs.  Since these are the ones _not_ on the
CDROM, I have to download and configure them all over again.

I have 2 Questions:
1.  Why do all the contributed rpms install into /usr?  It really
seems like they should all go into /usr/local.  After all, installing
them is a local configuration, not one that comes from the

2.  Is there some clever way to get RPM to put rpms in /usr/local.  I
was playing with using the --root option.  I tried putting '-root
local' and then I have a link from /usr/local to /local/usr.  This
would actually work pretty well if I could get it to work.

Any help or explanation as to why I'm wrong is appreciated.


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