lpd/lpr problem

lpd/lpr problem

Post by Stephane Cotti » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

on RH5,

  My local lpr jobs are spolling & printing fine.

  For remote jobs, a cf???? file appears while spolling and then ...

  My hosts.lpd and my HOSTNAME are corect

Is anybody's got the solution ?


1. lpd, lpr problem

Hi Linuxers (question already posted but with no answer),
I have some problems making my printer work.
Here is what I did and what I have (HW, SW):

My printer is an Epson Action Laser II with 2.5 Megs,
Linux 0.99.12 from SLS 1.03.

I tried changing the permissions of the lp* package as said in the FAQ:

-rwxr-s---  1 root daemon  35032 May 10 12:38 /etc/lpd*
-rwx--s--x  1 root daemon  18360 May 10 12:37 /usr/bin/lpc*
-rws--s--x  1 root daemon  10372 May 10 12:37 /usr/bin/lpq*
-rwx--s--x  1 root daemon  11592 May 10 12:37 /usr/bin/lpr*

My 'printcap' looks like this:

# HP Laser jet plus
        :rm=greina:\      <-- my hostname

I launch 'lpd' from 'rc.local', first result was that the sheet went
trough the printer but nothing was printed (this happens almost at every
try) and a couple of times (but I couldn't figure out how) I had my file
printedbut not completely and not exactly as it was.
One more thing: I had to delete the two lines 'of=/usr/spool/...' and
'lf=/usr/spool/...'; with these two lines I can see the queue with lpq
but they will never start.

Thanks for helping me.

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