Red Hat 7.1 install, Mitsumi 2X CD-ROM woes

Red Hat 7.1 install, Mitsumi 2X CD-ROM woes

Post by Dorai Sitar » Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:09:28

I have an oldish PC with a Mitsumi 2X CD-ROM drive that
works with Red Hat 7.0.  However, when I try to upgrade
to 7.1, the process fails to recognize the CD and exits
with kernel panic.  It asks for a driver disk, and I
feed it oldcdrom.img on a floppy, identifying the CD
as mcd, with parameters 0x300,11 (the port and IRQ).

If the CD drive is fried (although why would it work
for 7.0?), can I just replace it with a new Mitsumi
drive, or is this not at all the way to address the




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Red Hat 4.0 Installation Problem from a Mitsumi Double Speed CD ROM

I went to the DOS mode , tried to install RED HAT 4.0 from my Mitsumi 2X
1) cd D:\dosutils\autoboot  ( my CD ROM Drive is D:\ )
It went through the process without any problem, when it get to
selecting CD ROM to install Linux , it can not identify my CD ROM.

I tried mcd=0X340, 10   it did not help. It simply said, it could not
find the device. I tried several times, no luck

Later I copy the files in the  RED HAT CD to my harddisk ( 600 MB ),and
made two floppy disks: 1) Boot disk 2) Supplemental disk  . I was able
to install Red Hat 4.0

Now I had the problem in running XFREE86_3.2, My video card Diamond
stealth 3D 2000 is not supported. So I have to move XFREE86_3.3. I have
already downloaded it from the NET. It is in my DOS partition , how do I
move it from DOS partition to Linux partition. I tried everything to
mount my dos drive, I simply can't see it.

Please help me.  

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