Linux Laptop FORSALE on eBay

Linux Laptop FORSALE on eBay

Post by h » Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Due to an upgrade, I'm selling my Mitsubishi Amity CN which is set up as
a dual boot Win95/Linux (Red Hat 5.2) system.

If you're interested, please check it out on eBay:



1. Laptop: Zenith SuperSport 386 SX Forsale (model ZWL-0300-10)

Zenith SuperSport 386 SX Forsale (model ZWL-0300-10)

CPU:    386SX 16Mhz (with Math Coprocessor installed)
Ram:    5M
Disk:   120M-HD 1.4M-3.5"-FD (internal)
Display: New VGA monochrome LCD display (6 months old)
Ports:  COM1 serial for mouse, modem, printer, etc.
        COM2 is internal 2400baud modem
        External VGA
        External keyboard
        LPT1 parallel for printer
        External floppy
        Expansion Box

        MS-DOS 6.2 installed on 1st 20M and Linux 1.1.37 on the remaining 100M
        Will configure machine with just DOS and Windows if you like.
        Comes with Black padded Zenith Carrying Case

        Asking $875

Other Zenith Parts:
        (2) Expansion Boxes       $50 each
        extra Power Supply        $25
        extra Battery             $25
        Zenith external keyboard  $20

Other Parts that work with this system:
        Microsoft BallPoint Mouse  $30
        ThunderBoard (Soundblaster/Adlib compatible) $50
        Trantor SCSI board         $40
                Dual Bernoulli 44M Drive $400 (1 disk included)
                        (8) additional 44M disks $35 each

        - Linux runs well on this system
        - Except for screen replacement (which was my dumb fault) this
          system has been flawless.

UNIX Systems Specialist                 Dartmouth College
Phn: 603-646-2085                       6028 Kiewit Computation Center

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