HELP:2 IDE dos drives + 1 SCSI linux drive + LILO

HELP:2 IDE dos drives + 1 SCSI linux drive + LILO

Post by Art Bla » Wed, 08 May 1996 04:00:00

I have 2 IDE hard disks (hda & hdb) devoted to DOS on the primary controller of
an EIDE bus.
I have a SCSI drive (sda) I want to put linux on. According to the mini-HOWTO the
linux root partition must be on 1 of the 2 IDE drives. But the doc was written
(it appears) before EIDE. Is there any way I can put LILO on the MBR
of /dev/hda  and choose to boot DOS from hda or linux from sda ?
I've got an ASUS P55SP4 with award BIOS (which does not, apparently,
permit booting directly from a SCSI device).
If the answer is no (with LILO) can someone recommend another boot manager?


HELP:2 IDE dos drives + 1 SCSI linux drive + LILO

Post by Thomas J. Brosn » Thu, 09 May 1996 04:00:00

Yes, you can configure LILO to boot DOS from /dev/hda1 and
Linux from /dev/sda1.  No need to put any Linux stuff on
you IDE drives (except for what LILO writes in the boot

Tom Brosnan


1. LILO + windows on a SCSI drive + linux on an IDE drive

   A friend of mine just installed Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 on his system.
It's working fine, however now his Windows drive won't boot.
The setup is as follows: a Supermicro motherboard with built in IDE and
SCSI controllers, the later of which is an Adaptec AIC 7880 UltraW with
Bios version 1.24.  He's got an 8.1 gig Seagate drive at ID0 on the scsi
controller, containing Windows 95.  (There's also a CD ROM on ID4, if
that's signifigant.)  Then he's got Linux on a regular IDE drive, which
the BIOS has been flagged to boot.

Windows boots fine if he tells the BIOS to boot the SCSI drive, and
Linux works fine when booting from the IDE, but it's rather a big pain
to have to go into the BIOS every time.  When he selects the windows
drive from the LILO prompt, it blanks the screen and locks the system
(eg, numlock won't toggle on and off).

His lilo.conf is as follows:

# general section
boot = /dev/hda1
install = /boot/boot.b
message = /boot/message

# wait 20 seconds (200 10ths) for user to select the entry to load
timeout = 200

# default entry

image = /boot/vmlinuz-pc97-2.2.10-modular
        label = linux
        root = /dev/hda1
        append = "debug=2"

# additional entries

other = /dev/sda1
        label = dos
        table = /dev/sda

Any thoughts much appreciated.  I've used LILO plenty before, but never
with any SCSI drives, so I don't know what to do next.


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