kernel compiling problem

kernel compiling problem

Post by Jinghua Ta » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

  There are three problems when I compiled the kernel 2.2.17
for redhat 6.2 linux. First problem is I don't know how to
generate the module-info file for the new kernel. The second
problem is I cann't mount the windows 98 disks any more, the
new kernel complain the major and minor device number of the
windows partitions, although I selected the dos and vfat file
system support when configuring the kernel. The last problem is
I could not find the sound support module for the ESS SOLO
from the new kernel, the original kernel from redhat can
support this sound card.

  Thank you in advance for your insights!



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get_kernel_sys failed: Cannot find Kernel symbols!
that's what it says after i recompiled my linux (going from 2.0.29 to
2.0.30)  it works just fine, but displays few of those during the
startup.  i have nothing fancy, no x, no modem, no net, just ide hdd
and ide cdrom.  any ideas?  if you need more details, please, email me


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