Why doesn't my CDROM work ???

Why doesn't my CDROM work ???

Post by ke » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I've been trying to install Red Hat but it will not recognize the

First I tried tmy own CDROM a sony cdu31a (with the proper boot image,
but I could not get it recognized.

I then borrowed my sisters quad speed Creative lab CDROM (an NEC
CDR-272) and used both the IDE image and the soundblaster image, but I
still get nothing.

Both of these drives work under win95. this is very frustrating, but I
am determined to get something to work!

Damn Win95 for not giving the cdrom's IRQ or mem addr.



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I have a Hitachi CDR 1750S cdrom it mount ISO9660 file systems without a
hitch but it will not play CD's.  I've tried different "players" but they
all complain that there isn't an audio CD in the drive and refuse to work.

I tried Workman under X and basically it said there was no CD in the
machine.  I can eject it (oooo!) and mount CD-ROMS without a hitch but I
can't play CD's which I would LIKE to do :)


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