setting time zones in linux

setting time zones in linux

Post by Kim Coha » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I know this isnt really a linux question, but....

How do I set the timezone on my linux? I think the variable is
TZ. But I dont know where to set it. I think the setting for
California is PST7PDST. Let me know.


Kim Cohan


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date returned by "date" on my linux system is always 4 hours behind
the real time, with something like this:
Mon Jul  1 09:37:22 EDT 1996
when the real time 13:37 EDT.

I think that my PC's machine clock is 13:37. It looks that linux think
the machine's time is GMT, thus set the local time (EDT) to 09:37.
How can I make linux think that the machine's time is local time,
rather than GMT?

I also found that just after I started the system, I got:
Mon Jul  1 13:37:22 1996
without the timezone. Shortly I will get:
Mon Jul  1 09:37:22 EDT 1996

if I use "date" to set the new date to "13:37:22", I think that it will
set the machine's clock to "17:37:22". Thus the time within windows and
DOS won't be correct.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


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