Post by Gabriele Oleott » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
        I have a ne2000 clone on a PCI bus (ok, I know, I know, but I have
it and I would want to make it run.) It is a Realtek 8029 so it might
works, but it don't. I compiled the kernel (2.0.29) with support for NE200
ISA card (but in the comment of ne.c it is written it works with PCI
clones as well.) If I try to modprobe ne.o io=0x9100 (I read 0x9100 from
/proc/pci) it prints me something like:

ne.c: NE*000 found at io address 0x9100:

then it hang up the pc. I've tried everything I know. I've tried even with
kernel 2.1.29 but it works almost the same. Does anybody could help me?

Thanks in advance,

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Post by Joseph Mac » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

> Hi all,
>         I have a ne2000 clone on a PCI bus

There's a web site with the patches for this card ( at $27
we all have one) - it's in Australia. Try your netsearch


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Post by Yves Trudea » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I use a lot Realtek cards (ISA bus 8019) and these card are NE2K
compatibles only if you set it to the jumperless mode. You can find the
software setup program at:

Good luck!

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Hi all!

  Sitting in front of me on my desk are two boxes with cheapo ne2k
`compatible' cards. And because I know various makes/models of these
beasts may or may not work properly with Linux, I'd like to hear if
by any chance anyone might have some experience (good or bad) with
either of these.

  Number one is from a company calling itself `4-lan', and has a
Winbond chipset (well, apparently it's just a single chip) marked
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any specific model name, on the box it simply says `High Performance
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  The other one is called PCI-NET/32, from Lantech, with a RMC(?) chip
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  I'll be able to return one or both of these, depending upon which one
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