How can I make Linux to live happily w/ Win95?

How can I make Linux to live happily w/ Win95?

Post by Bir » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I have to admit that I'm a newbie in the Linux land.  I'm currently running
Win95.  I want to install Linux on my system.  What I plan to do is to put
Linux on my second HD, while keeping Win95 on the first HD as my primary OS.  
I definitely don't want any Linux application read or write on my primary
drive, so I would like to know what Dual Boot scheme I should use to make it
safe.  Is OS/2's a good one to try?

Also, I'd really appreciate if anyone can let me know where (i.e. any homepage
or site) I can find a complete procedure on how to set up Linux w/ Win95.

Thanks a lot for your time.



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As a temporary setup, I'm trying to see if I can network the Linux desktop
machine and my Win95 notebook without network cards (Using SLIP or PPP).  I
would just get the net cards, however when I return to school in September
I'll need NICs for the new on-campus network, and other than the fact that
they use TP connectors I know nothing about the network there (Speed,
etc.), so I can't have a guarantee that the NICs I get now will work with
that same net.

My problem seems to be that Windows can't handle more than one
"Dial-Up-Networking" connection at a time; is there a workaround for this?
(Yes, I know this would be more suited in or something).  I
would use the Linux box for ip-masq and such, however the modem in it (Zoom
33.6 PlugAndPray) isn't detected by Linux, Zoom's "Easy-to-use DOS PnP
Program" doesn't detect any Zoom modems in the computer (I _still_ havn't
figured that one out yet), and the last time I tried the PnP stuff for
Linux it wasn't working too well.

If anyone has an idea for me, even if it's just bite the bullet and buy
some NICs and hope they're fast enough for the net at school, I'd
appreciate it.  TIA...

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