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I just installed Linux on my 486/DX2 66 and love it!  I've got everything
working pretty well.  I send mail through my school's smtp server.  How
can I receive mail at accounts on my machine.  My machine's name is
"".  I want to be able to set up email accounts and

do I do this???  Please direct me to a FAQ if you know of one and I'm
asking a question that's been answered a thousand times before.  Also,
please reply directly (as well as to this newsgroup) to the email address
below, as I don't get to read this group often!!

Thanks a lot,


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Is your MTA running?  Use ps to find out.

Is it actually listening on port 25?  Use netstat or netcat to find out.

Can it be reached via your hosts IP address?  Try to telnet to port 25
from another host on the network.

Can it be reached from the 'Net?  If you don't have a host on another
network to test with, post the IP address or FQDN here and someone can

Assuming all of the above are OK... what happens to mail that's
delivered to the daemon?  using telnet or netcat, you can recreate the
SMTP session and see what it says.  Further, you can check the logs on
that host, look at the spool mail is delivered to, etc.

There's *lots* you can do to troubleshoot this... :-)

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