Suse slow NFS install problem

Suse slow NFS install problem

Post by DeAnn Iwa » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

  I'm trying to use NFS to install Suse 6.1 on a machine w/o a cdrom
drive.  Although I seem to have NFS set up, the network connection is
very slow that it takes 10s of minutes to go between screens
that ought to flash one right after another.  I've been examining system
logs, etc., trying to figure out what I have set up "wrong".  The
machine being loaded was originally 8 MB RAM.  The install seemed slow,
so I borrowed another 8 MB stick from another machine.  The install sped
up to a normal working speed.  But that install died out for unkown
reasons.  Ever since then, when I get the install running, it slows to
this glacial speed.  I found a few minor problems with the NFS server
set up (an extra space in the fstab file) that sped part of the response
up.  But everything is still very slow (it took 2 hours this morning to
get from the "do you want to partition?" screen to the "format the
partition screen".  I have tried this a bunch of times, and only that
one time got reasonable throughput.  Does anyone have some ideas of what
could be wrong and where I could look?  (I have 16 MB RAM and a 40 MB
swap set up.  Which ONCE was enough for things to go smoothly...but I
had some kind of swap disk corruption abort that install, and I've been
creeping ever since, unable to finish any install successfully.)

1. HELP: Slow NFS client to server causing Very slow NFS install

My RH 5.2 NFS Install is SO SLOWWW!!

This is taking forever!!  The link speed currently is
284 MB in 17 hours!! or 4.6kbytes/s ~ 46kbps

Why is there such a slow server to client link?

I'm doing this using Lynksys Etherfast 10/100 card on a PII350 desktop
a P75 laptop with the PCMCIA version of the Etherfast 10/100.  The
LEDs on the cards both indicate that the connections is at 100Mbps, but

See below for all of my network config files in /etc.

I believe that with host.conf setup for "order hosts,bind" that I don't
need a
nameserver.  I don't have a local name server setup.  

I have tried modifying some of the parameters below during the
running exportfs and turning eth0 off and on (using usernet on the
DURING THE INSTALLATION (it seems that RH5.2 mounts "hard" during NFS
ie it is continuing on after I turn eth0 back on) but with no change on

I did notice when I set the network up before the install that pinging
client to server was odd, some packets took 10ms, others took 1000ms in
almost every other packet trade off.  The ping from server to client was
the order of 10 ms every packet.  Now with the install going on, ping
server (desktop) is averaging 350ms with any packet size from 256Bytes

I have the following setups in exports, host.conf, hosts, hosts.deny,
hosts.allow and resolv.conf:

 cat exports
/mnt/cdrom laptop(ro)  
/home/chris laptop(rw)

cat host.conf
order hosts,bind
multi on

 cat hosts   desktop   laptop       localhost       loopback

 cat hosts.deny
portmap: ALL

 cat hosts.allow

 cat resolv.conf

I have tried resolv.conf with and without commenting out the nameservers
local isp nameservers,) but with no effect.

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