New kernel on boot floppy reboots machine

New kernel on boot floppy reboots machine

Post by Philip Kahle » Wed, 08 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I have a linux box with a 486, 24MB ram 2GB Fast SCSI-2 disk drive.  I
have NT on the first 1GB partition and Linux on the second.  I am able
to boot a 2.0.32 kernel that was built on this box, and built on another
box.  However,  I reconfigured the kernel sources to support networking,
built this 2.0.32 kernel by doing a make zImage.  I copied the resultant
zImage to the floppy i.e. cp arch/i386/boot/zImage /dev/fd0, and
rebooted.  I get the line of .... and then when I am supposed to see the
Kernel uncompressing message, the machine reboots!

I do have an old IDE controller card installed, with async 1, 2 and game
port disabled, so I can have a second parallel port available, and
perhaps someday an IDE drive.  (There is no drive connected to this
controller at this time).  But, as I said I have had boot floppies boot
2.0.32 successfully.

I suspected a problem with the fd0 floppy drive and swapped it out, but
now improvement.

Help would be appreciated,


Philip Kahler


New kernel on boot floppy reboots machine

Post by DMiller1 » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> cp arch/i386/boot/zImage /dev/fd0,

use make zdisk instead.

hope this helps


1. New kernel reboots machine during boot up

        The kernel I just compiled is the 2.4.18 kernel. LILO deals with the large
drive fine when booting the previous 2.2.19 kernel. I compiled the new one
from scratch with no networking support and very little else. The problem
basically occurs right at boot, it doesn't matter if I use a floppy to boot
or my haddrive. The problem with the harddrive is that I'll get a loading
vmlinuz-2.4.18......... and then it reboots. I haven't been able to pause it
to get a clear picture of what is happening. The floppy is a little easier
because what happens is that it says Loading, gives a series of dots and
then reboots. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
advance for suggestions.
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