Linux/GhostScript/Epson Stylus 500: They Work

Linux/GhostScript/Epson Stylus 500: They Work

Post by Alan Willia » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I posted this earlier, but it doesn't seem to have reached its
destinations.  After some help from the people on the web, and especially
taking the time to read the fine manual, I got ghostscript working with
the Epson Stylus 500.  I noticed that there were a few others struggling
to get this printer working, so I have a rough web page that can be
reached through that describes how I got it
to work and with what command line settings.  There is also a binary
available for linux through this page.  The output looks great and the
dithering and 720x720 appear to work along with the microweave.  Kudos to
the people who wrote ghostscript and the stcolor device.

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1. Epson Stylus 500 / GhostScript

I just recompiled GhostScript with the stcolor driver, somone said that
would work for an epson stylus 500, but when i go to print something the
printer shoves gillions of blank pages out... is there a problem with
what i am doing? - or a 500 driver besides the stcolor one?
it worked fine using -sDEVICE=epson
nothing different... cept it was black and white =)

very full... and well, posts tend to dissapear.


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