Help: Xconfig video settings

Help: Xconfig video settings

Post by Ben Creagh Bro » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have recently acquired linux (the slackware 2 distribution) and
after lots of fiddling I have got it all to work, except...

1. It will not run X windows.
The main problem seems to be my video card and monitor. I try
to run X or xstart or anything to do with X and the server tries
to start by then comes up with the error message:
"     "
I have tried using MakeCard and the config program but both fail to
find anything or make anything that works. The best I have ever got was
horrendous buzzing noises and an very odd picture on my monitor. I have
read the HOWTOs and the FAQ and tried everything including working out
my monitor and video card setting and putting them into my Xconfig file
but NOTHING works. Please help. Here are my hardware specs:

Monitor: No-manufacturer mentioned. name = "Series Y Super-VGA"!
Mode 5 = SVGA mode  | H-sync | V-sync | H-freq/kHz | V-freq/Hz |
                        +/-     +/-       35-38       55-60
Can cope with up to 1024x768 in 256 colours.
VideoCard: Avance Logic inc.

2. It will not recognise my CDROM that runs through my sound card.
I have a "Tiny Computers" PC clone that uses a cheap SB pro compatible
sound card (ESS688 no-manufacturer mentioned) that can inteface with
either Panasonic, Sony or Mitsumi cdrom drives. My drive that came with
this setup is none of these, it is a Sanyo "CDR-H94A" which works fine
under dos and windows but the linux setup utility fails to recognise it.

Please can anyone offer any help/advice/information?

I think that the lesson I have learnt is that non-standard cheap hardware
can work almost as well as that from a good well-known manufacturer under
standard conditions. Running Linux is certainly not a manistream activity
and only common hardware devices are supported. However the entire system
was very cheap and I would still recommend buying from Tiny. I got a P66,
8Mb RAM, 540Mb HDU, 2x CDROM, 16 bit sound card and 1Mb PCI Video SVGA
with monitor for 1050 about two month ago, it is even cheaper now.

PLease can anyone help? Or do I have a buy a cheap compatible SVGA card just
to run Linux?

Thanks, Ben.