Odd problem with vi, would appreciate help

Odd problem with vi, would appreciate help

Post by ggur.. » Sat, 15 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I upgraded to 2.0.0 yesterday and it had been working fabulously for me.  
However, today I decided to upgrade my procps so I could use top.  Sometime
during the course of this upgrade (which turned out to be quite a chore) I
messed up _something_(I wish I knew what) and now my friend and yours, vi, is
not working properly.  To start I'll describe what vi is doing that is odd and
then explain what changes I made today.

Vi is more or less useless in its current form.  When I insert text, it starts
pushing other text on the line several spaces at a time and starts "crunching"
it.  Furthermore, whenever I reach either the end of the line or end of the
file and try to go beyond, the whole screen blips white for a split second.  
This wouldnt be so annoying if it didnt keep me from using the END key (I know
I should use $ but I've gotten used to it, ok? :).  That's all I've noticed,
but since I can't insert text without great trouble, I'm essentially without a
text editor to use (unless I learn another, and I liked how I could use
PGUP, PGDN, HOME and END which I can't seem to do in vim.  And moving to
another editor completely, I really do like the keystrokes and it would slow
down my productivity greatly, so that is that. (I'm getting off the point

What I did today was upgrade both my procps from ?? to 0.99a(patched) and my
termcap from 2.0.0 to 2.0.8.  I _think_ I did this all correctly (my procps
are working now) and I don't think I did anything else major (you know how
you can jsut start trying to fix things and not remember what you did
afterwards, we've all done it, havent we? :).  I even tried just replacing the
lib link back to 2.0.0 to see if that would help but it did not.  I'm at a
loss.  I'm not even sure what I could have done that would cause this.

I'd _greatly_ appreciate some help in this matter.  I can be emailed at


Thanks very much,
Greg Gursky


1. Odd Solaris problem: file is seen by 'vi' but not 'ls' ???

I am seeing an odd problem on a customer's machine and am stumped as
to what is going on.

The software I support uses rename() to rotate a data log file for
processing. When this particular problem crops up the rotation fails
with error '2', which is defined:
  #define ENOENT  2       /* No such file or directory            */

This is the log file rotation code:
 if (rename(mFileName.data(), toName.data())) {
        ourErrLog::Log(ourErrLog::anError, otherLogRotateFailed,
        return otherLogRotateFailed;

ourMessages.msg:otherLogRotateFailed  Log rotation failed with error

The man page for "rename()" says this for ENOENT:

           The link named by old does not exist,  or  either  old
           or new points to an empty string.

Since both the 'old' and the 'new' file names show up in the error
message log, that seems to indicate the old and new arguments are not
empty, which begs the question: why does rename think the 'old' name
does not exist?

The customer is running (uname -a output):
SunOS <hostname> 5.8 Generic_108528-15 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-MP

Also, when this occurs I have been able to take the value of 'old'
filename and 'vi' it, saving the data off to another file name.
However, if I 'ls' the directory where 'old' resides just before I 'vi
old', 'old' does not show up in the list. So 'vi' sees 'old' but 'ls'
does not.

This customer is the only customer of many running this product and
code on Solaris who sees this error. The customer has a similar
machine running this product also (same software version, same OS,
down to the patch level) and that machine does not see this problem.

Is anyone aware of any bugs in Solaris that have to do with this?
Also, if you have any ideas about what may be going on, please say so.



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