Printing to networked printers through Linux using X-stations as print servers

1. Printing thru Linksys EPSX3 print server - how?

I'm trying to get my Linux box to print thru the print server using CUPS,, and sets up the printer as an HP photosmart P1000 using
the recommended drivers, but when sending a test file, nothing happens at
the printer.  I can ping the server sucessfully all day long.  What am I
not setting up?

Do I need a Linux driver for the Linksys EPSX3 (Windows does)?  If so,
where do I get it, and are there any secrets to setting it up?

Any help/advice would be appreciated - I have a CompSci degree, but it's 25
yrs old, so use small words and simple sentences :)

Thanks in advance...

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