How to obtain 132x50 text mode on a STB Velocity 4400 riva TNT?

How to obtain 132x50 text mode on a STB Velocity 4400 riva TNT?

Post by Miern » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I can obtain 132x25, but how to get 132x50, or at least 132x43?


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1. Xfree-3.3.3, dosemu-0.98 on RIVA TNT (STB Velocity 4400 Card)

I have a lot of success with XFfree86-3.3.3, dosemu-0.98 and RIVA TNT
card so far.  I can get graphics to work very well on the console.

However, when I exit dosemu on the console, and return to X
(ctrl-alt-f7), X is frozen. If I exit X before starting dosemu, no
problems. I can even switch virtual consoles without X running.

Any ideas, please help. Although, I can always quit X to get to dosemu
in console, and then quit dosemu to start X, it will be nice to le X

I appreciate all the work with Xfree-3.3.3 to get RIVA TNT working. It
will be nice to have SVGALIB also working well.

BTW, in dosemu.config I use
vga , console, graphics, but no chipset, see below.
$_video = "vga"  # one of: plainvga, vga, ega, mda, mga, cga
$_console = (1)  # use 'console' video
$_graphics = (1) # use the cards BIOS to set graphics
$_videoportaccess = (0) # allow videoportaccess when 'graphics' enabled
$_vbios_seg = (0xe000) # set the address of your VBIOS (e.g. 0xe000)
$_vbios_size = (0x8000)# set the size of your BIOS (e.g. 0x8000)
$_vmemsize = (4096) # size of regen buffer
$_chipset = ""  # one of: plainvga, trident, et4000, diamond, avance
   # cirrus, matrox, wdvga, paradise, ati, s3
#$_vbios_file = "/etv/vbios"

Thanks for any help.

Bharat S. Jhaveri

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