Soundcard for SOny CDU 55E (IDE ATAPI) CD-ROM

Soundcard for SOny CDU 55E (IDE ATAPI) CD-ROM

Post by Walter Feldman » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00


> : I am using a Sound Blaster Pro w/ my cdu55e and loving it. Be sure to get
> : a Sound Blaster to IDE audio patch cable if you want to play audio CD's

> Walter,

> I spotted the above message while browing through the Linux newsgroups,
> and wondered if it might have any bearing on my own problem. I'm using
> an Acer 525 double speed IDE CDROM drive (ATAPI), and an Acer 16 bit
> soundcard, which is (supposedly) Soundblaster compatible.

> Although I can mount and read data from the discs, I can't play audio
> CDs from Linux - although Windows manages okay.

This is most curious! If windoze is playing audio CD's OK, you have a
problem with the sound configuration in Linux. Can you play .au's?
Obviously, the audio patch cable is working, otherwise windoze wouldn't be
able to play the music through your sound card.


> What is this audio patch cable you mention, and do you think it will
> solve my problem?

I have seen the cable described as a "Universal Audio Patch Cable". You
can get it from places like Cables to Go & other cable companies in the
Computer Shopper. I was able to buy one locally - after about 10 phone calls.

Happy Linux-ing,


1. New IDE-CD/extended IDE driver supports Sony 55E ATAPI CD-ROM!

I'm now successfully using my Sony CDU-55E CDROM drive (an ATAPI drive)
from Linux.  I'm using 1.1.75 plus the ide/ide-cd patch by Mike Lord and
Scott Snyder.  I understand that this code is now part of 1.1.76.  Cool!
This means that just about all my stuff is now supported by "standard Linux".

There are some rough edges.  As mentioned in the README.ide file in
/usr/src/linux/drivers/block, the mount command for the cdrom must be
just right; if a block size other than 2048 is used (or block size
isn't specified, weird errors result).  I initially thought this meant
it didn't quite work.  However, given the exact commands mentioned in

        ln -sf /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom
        mkdir /cd
        mount /dev/cdrom /cd -t iso9660 -o ro,block=2048

I am now successfully reading CDROMs.

Some folks mentioned that they got the older NEC-260 driver to work
provided they'd booted DOS first and used LOADLIN; I'm booting from
LILO and everything works fine.

Note that this drive isn't mentioned in the README.ide file.  Anyone
documenting this, please add the Sony 55E to the list of drives it
works with.

Thanks to all who sent me mail, and especially to Scott Snyder for writing
ide-cd.c !


Phone: +1 415 694 1729

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