Mail problem -- can't get mail to queue!

Mail problem -- can't get mail to queue!

Post by FISK » Fri, 09 Jun 1995 04:00:00

After *much* mucking around I finally got mail OUT to the world via
sendmail+IDA v. 5.67.  (using popclient to retrieve mail from the local
POP server).

Problem is, I can't get mail to queue up when the PPP connection is down.
Using Pine or simply mailx returns an error message to the effect of:

When the PPP connection is up, mail gets out without a problem.
WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?  I'm sure it's something stupid on my part because
the documentation and the Net. Admin. Guide all indicate that mail can be
queued up and send out via SMTP at some later date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

John M. Fisk


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