cp'ing xx.gz files breaks crc integrity

cp'ing xx.gz files breaks crc integrity

Post by David Lind » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Howdy all,

I am experiencing a severe problem with gzipped
files becoming corrupt (losing crc checksum integrity)
upon being moved or copied.  I am worried that this
might be connected to my recent HD and motherboard

Some details:
- corruption even if within a single partition
  (funny, I can boot from my newly compiled kernel
   if LILO points to it as
   but not if I copy it to /vmlinuz, then running
   LILO, of course.)
- repeated corruption of crc info on tests of xx.gz
  file copying/moving.

Any advice or comments (or suggestions for the BIOS
settings, or other) would be much appreciated.  Please
could you email as well as post any reply, since our
news-service prunes this group every few hours now(!).
Thanks very much,
Dave Linder

Slackware 2.2, kernel 1.2.1 (now 1.2.13), AMD 486DX4/100,
Seagate ST5850A Decathalon 850Mb ATA Interface Drive,
UM4981 AIO board with 256kb cache and UM8672 VESA bus IDE
controller, v2.0, for Phoenix BIOS, 16Mb RAM.


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