Can't find root partition when trying to upgrade to Red Hat 6.1

Can't find root partition when trying to upgrade to Red Hat 6.1

Post by Kartik Subbar » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm trying to upgrade a Red Hat 6.0 system to 6.1, and I'm getting stuck.
My current root is on /dev/sda5. The boot disk successfully loads the SCSI
driver, but for whatever reason it doesn't see /dev/sda5, and complains
that there are no Linux partitions. It only seems to see /dev/sda1 and
possibly /dev/sda2 (sda1 is an NT 4 partition, sda2 is the primary
partition for which sda5 and sda6 are logical partitions).

I've tried specifying root=/dev/sda5 at the initial boot disk prompt, but
it doesn't work. Red Hat 6.0 boots perfectly fine from a boot floppy disk
pointing to /dev/sda5, and otherwise works fine.

Any ideas?


Kartik Subbarao, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Directories Team



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I have followed the recent threads outlining other suggestions and have
tried modifying the /etc/conf.modules and then using the modprobe lp
command.  I tried a couple of other alias suggested.  All with no results.
(I upgraded the Print Tool release as suggested also.)

I am open for other suggestions and willing to try them out.

BTW, I searched the Red Hat site for reports of this bug (I'm guessing it is
a bug) and requested help thru their support page.  I have not had a
response from them so, it is up to the community at large to help with this


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