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 Can someone let me know how to set up your own web server, I am pissed off
with hosting companies and poor performance.

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Post by Mark R. Holbroo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Well Simon,

I'm not selling web hosting services here but I don't think you will
get better performance doing it yourself.  

You need to examine the following questions first.  If the answer is
yes to all of them then sure you can "roll your own" web server:

1) do you have a full time internet connection with a static IP
2) Does your full-time ISP provider allow servers?  Many companies
offering DSL and Cable modem access explicitly dis-allow servers.  You
might be able to slide by if you don't "advertize" the fact that you
are running a server.  Many of the companies will look at your traffic
on a periodic basis.  Lets say your average packet load was 10.5 MB
per month.  Then you put your web server online and offer family
movies for download.  If all of a sudden your packet load ups to 35 MB
per month and stays there for several months a good DSL/cable company
will do a port search on your IP address.  If they find a web server
you could be out of IP service pretty quick.
3) If your main concern is "poor performance", many hosting companies
are tied directly to back-bones.  This will ALWAYS beat any kind of
hosting you can do via a DSL/cable modem.
4) Are you prepared to deal with backups, firewall issues, and such?
Many hosting companies do this for you as part of the package.  If you
simply put your linux box "online" there are many "hackers" with too
much time and too little to do and it makes a NICE target to try and
crash.  Unless you have a good firewall you may be setting your self
up for more work than its worth.  Remember, that to make your new web
server available to the world, you have to make the IP address known.
Either you simply tell people to goto http://###.###.###.### or you
use a re-director service like or you go through
the pain of registering your IP address with the DNS system.  In any
of these ways someone that cares can find out your IP address.  My
system gets attacked 3 or 4 times a month but my firewall does a
pretty good job of rebuffing the attacks.


This can be done but it is alot of work.  I do it simply for control.
I run some linux scripts that most hosting companies would not touch.

Hope this helps.



> Can someone let me know how to set up your own web server, I am pissed off
>with hosting companies and poor performance.

>please reply to





Post by Jeffrey Lac » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I don't know what you think, but I found a really good web host.  You should
at Least consider him.

> Hi,

>  Can someone let me know how to set up your own web server, I am pissed
> with hosting companies and poor performance.

> please reply to

> Thanks.

> Simon.


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See ya

Dean Thompson


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