Goldstar 540 4X CDROM (Reveal 4x CDROm)

Goldstar 540 4X CDROM (Reveal 4x CDROm)

Post by robert beav » Sun, 09 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I just purchaced the Infomagic Developer's Resource Linux kit.  It came
with the Slackware 2.2 software (kernel 1.2).  The CDROM I have is on an
IDE/ATAPI interface.  When creating the boot and root floppies, I picked
the IDE/ATAPI kernel.  I boot and it recognizes the CDROM.  I create my
partitions (or rather recreate - I was using an old linux) and run
setup.  I choose IDE drive for the source and pick my packages.  It
starts to install (CD light flashes) and then errors out giving me a
unexpeced end of file for tar (the CDROM complains about a Buffer problem.)

Going out to root, I can see that the CDROM is mounted.  I can cd to the
directory and look around.  If I cat out a readme.lnx or readme.dos file
it will go so far then the buffer error.  

Can anyone help?!!!!



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I hate to ask this again, but I have more information, so thought it
would be okay...8)

I'm trying to install InfoMagic's Slackware 2.2, Kernel 1.2 Linux
distribution on CDROM.  I have a Reveal 4X CDROM on an IDE/TAPI
interface.  I created the boot diskettes as appropriate and boot, create
my partitions, and start the setup.  All goes well until it starts to
read from CDROM, I get an unexpected end of file and the following error
message on the console:

hdc: cdrom_read_from_buffer:    buffer botch (312575)
end_request: I/O error, drv 1600, sector 312575

I exited SETUP and changed to the mounted directory.  the files were
there as expected, but when I did a "cat" on a readme.lns and readme.dos
file, the file stopped and gave the above error message (different
sectors of course).  Because the sector's are changing, I don't think
it's the media, but I could be wrong.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Bob Beaver

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