ATI Mach64 Graphics Expression 2MB DRAM?

ATI Mach64 Graphics Expression 2MB DRAM?

Post by Mike Fris » Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:00:00

: Does anyone have the dot clock settings for this card? I tried someone else's
: settings and my monitor didn't really like it to say the least.

        You'll have to find specific monitor settings for your
installation or hack them out yourself.  I have a ATI Mach64 Graphics
eXpression working just fine on my system with a ViewSonic 6 monitor.  If
you're interested, I could mail you my XF86Config...



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1. ATI Mach64 Graphics Expression 2MB DRAM?

The clock setting are not the problem.  

1. Make sure you have the lates release of XF86 from the local sun site.

2. User the "no_block_write" in you XFconfig in the option section.

The scan program get the corrects clocks from the dac.  I have a ATI Mach64 PCI
and it works great!


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