pppd problems------------>One answer and maybe some help---- - pppd answers.ZIP (1/1)

pppd problems------------>One answer and maybe some help---- - pppd answers.ZIP (1/1)

Post by Jim Hi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>begin 644 pppd answers.ZIP

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1. pppd problems------------>One answer and maybe some help---- - pppd answers.ZIP (0/1)

I spend a few hours trying to get hooked to my ISP (Worldnet). Got a
us robotics/3com to replace my winmodem and it works GREAT. Kept
getting the pppd dameon died etc. Using redhat 6.1.  I had a nagging
feeling I was doing something stupid...duh...but wasn't sure what. For
three years I have been using the name jbian...whatever ...and
password....whatever... for my worldnet acct. To make sure I checked
with tech and those are my MAIL usernames and passwords, not worldnet
account name and password which are a bizzare set of letters and
numbers in the account txt file in the worldnet folder. "pppd dameon
dies..." is, I understand, a generic linux error message for a range
of things. Put the correct info in and connected immediately. FYI
things work well. The email client was easy and worked great. As to
the newsreader, wellllll, maybe I will stick to windows and agent, but
it was interesting. Netscape, in my OS, needed to be linked to  URL's
in order to default. They defaulted to the kde file manager or
something and wouldn't work.
I realize this was a dumb mistake but as much as I work and play with
these things, I suppose others might do the same thing...or not.
I have uploaded some other stuff for "pppd dameon dies..." that I
found and I have included worldnets very good info on configuring pppd
etc. Contains acutal pictures of each box and has a page on some
scripts etc. Hope this helps.

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