/dev/pts : input/output error when installing linux.

/dev/pts : input/output error when installing linux.

Post by somez7 » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 18:49:34

    in the middle of redhat 7.3, after disk partioning , I get error message
as follows.

    "an error occurred when trying to create /dev/pts : input/output error."

    what does  /dev/pts means? , someone tell why I get this kind of error

Thank you.


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    Okay, I'm trying to install this via cdrom and I really don't want
to do it by dos partition, because I'd like to have use of my cdrom
later on.  I'd like to do it right the first time.  I have an atapi
Hitatchi cdrom which should be supported by FreeBSD, but I really don't
know if it is.  FreeBSD claims to support IDE cdroms, and that's what I
got.  Anyways the error message that it generates is:

Error mounting /dev/wcd0c on /dist: Input/output error (5)

    That happens when I choose my media type and start installing.  How
can I fix this?


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