LILO and multiple boots

LILO and multiple boots

Post by Mark Nordstra » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00


Sorry for the cross-post, but it seems appropriate to both.
Also, I may be a little to verbose and piece-meal here......

I originally had linux on a 1.2G drive and win95 on a 2.5G
drive.  The 1.2G was the master and /dev/hda.  The 2.5G was
a slave and /dev/hdb.  (note that I'm omitting partitions
for the sake of my sanity).  I've gone thru every FAQ, man-
page and HOWTO I thought related to (however remotely)
multiple boots.

For various reasons (hardware, mostly), I need a MS-DOS/Win
3.11 partition.  This was a great excuse to get a large
drive.  My intent is to use the new drive for linux and put
DOS on the 1.2G (95 seems more desperate for space, but that's
another issue).  

By various means, I've managed to install DOS on the 1.2G.
Now, the new drive is /dev/hda (master on first chain), win95
is still /dev/hdb (also still slaved), and DOS is /dev/hdc
(master on the second chain, with the ATAPI cdrom slaved).  
I'm pretty sure that LILO is gone from the 1.2G (did the
'dd' command, ran makedosfs, and even did FDISK /MBR).  
I've added lines to lilo.conf, and ran /sbin/lilo.  This
complains about /dev/hdc and I should MAKEDEV.ide.  I do
and it doesn't make any difference, lilo still complains.
(Sorry, I haven't gotten a satisfactory news reader on
linux yet, and this is from 95.  Any suggestions?).

When linux boots, everything's cool, both the win95 and the DOS
partitions are mounted where they should be, and look ok.

When 95 boots, I don't see the other DOS disk.  I could probably
live with this, but it would be nice.  Actually, I'm hoping this
might be an indication of other problems.

Attempting the to boot DOS (I know, lilo complained, but my data's
backed up, and I thought I might get something which helps),
complains that this isn't a bootable device (the hit a key one...).  
When I press a key, it boots 95.  

I would really appreciate any input on this.