RHL 6.1 ftp install hangs up 20 minutes

RHL 6.1 ftp install hangs up 20 minutes

Post by Tanguy Le Nee » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I installed some RHL 6.1 without problem in the past weeks, but my last
attemps strongly resist to any installation : package isntallation
proceed at  1 package / 20 minutes.

Here is the description of the problem.
(My system : P III - 450, 128 Mb RAM, 2940UW, 3c905, 9 Gb SCSI)

The system gets the package groups (it takes 15 sec) and hangs up 20

After some screens, the installation begins, with a lock up of 20
minutes, then it
takes the first package, installs it and stops 20 min, and so on.
Sometimes, the packages are
installed 2 in a row before the 20 minutes lock up.

I changed everything (ftp server, UTP cable, network cable, HD, SCSI
controler, ...)
always the same...

Any Idea ?

T. Le Neel
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UFR de Pharmacie
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